O2 GARDENS was founded in 2021.

O2 GARDENS is focused on the import, cultivation and care of more than 1500 different plants, trees, shrubs, and it presents a new culture of interior and exterior landscaping and offers complex landscaping services such as consulting, landscape designing, design solutions and implementation, landscaping, setting automatic irrigation systems, control and treatment of pests and diseases, further care, maintenance and a number of gardening services.

O2 GARDENS is the first unique project of its kind in Armenia.

The name O2 GARDENS is symbolic in itself the basis of which is the oxygen, the vital element we need, and O2 GARDENS is more than just oxygen. The concept is presented under the slogan Мore than Oxygen and is obviously manifested in the directions of activity.

The mission of O2 GARDENS is to create a new culture of landscaping in Armenia, to promote the development of landscape architecture, the invention of new traditions and to support to improve the ecological education of the society.

O2 GARDENS offers a 3,000m2 green and oxygen-rich environment which is an excellent opportunity to be closer to nature. Here you can walk around, enjoy a pleasant and useful leisure time, get acquainted with plants and, if wanted, take them with you and have them in your own apartment, home, garden or at work.

O2 GARDENS has a specialized shop-exhibition. Here accessories for interior and exterior are presented – a wide range of vases, unique thematic gifts for plant lovers, care items for plants and gardens, tools and fertilizers.

What is more, O2 GARDENS includes a unique tree nursery, botanical garden, training center, café and experience exchange halls for professional events and specialists of this field.

As for the full professional advice on ensuring the attractiveness of the garden, landscape design, proper selection of plants, care, well-designed and installed irrigation system, company’s skillful specialists are always there to support you with their useful piece of advice.